Simply connect your online store to Warehouse.Space, and have access to any of our warehouses around the world.

  • Reduce your shipping costs

    We have distribution centers located around the world, so that your products can be closer to your customers, reducing shipping time and costs.

  • No more shipping disputes

    We video the packing of each order and share it with you on YouTube. This way you can see that every order is dispatched correctly, preventing any potential shipping disputes.

  • Get free storage space

    Warehouse.Space gives you free storage in our warehouses. The more you ship, the more space you’ll get.


Warehouse.Space is a logistics and order fulfilment service for businesses that sell products online and want to grow their business into new global markets.

Sign up and connect

Sign up and connect your online store with Warehouse.Space using one of our plugins for Amazon, eBay or Magento.

Send your products to our warehouse

Ship your products to any of our warehouses, where we will store your products safely and securely for your peace of mind.

Your clients place their orders

The moment your customers order from your website we receive the information and take care of everything, so you are not required to do anything.

Order information is automatically received

As soon as your customers complete their order, the fulfilment information is sent to the warehouse closest to the buyer’s delivery address.

Order is picked, packed, dispatched and delivered

Within minutes the order is picked, packed and shipped to your customer which reduces the delivery time and costs.

Connect your online store

We have a number of free plugins available to connect your online store to Warehouse.Space.

Before shipping your products to any of our warehouses, you need to create your account and connect your online store to Warehouse.Space using one of our free plugins.

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Access new markets instantly, by storing your products in any of our warehouses so your products are closer to your customers.

Storage fee
The standard storage fee per month is $10 for 2 typical pallets, and if you ship more than 25 orders per week from one of our warehouses, then you get free storage space in that warehouse. You can store as much as you want on each pallet, but you will need to ensure you package your products as needed, so that we can easily find products when needed.

The more you ship, the more free storage space you are entitled to.

Handling & Packaging fee
Each warehouse has a different handling fee, reflecting local currencies and conditions. It's a flat per order fee, for up to 10 items on an order, for more details visit our pricing page.

If your products are not already packaged ready for shipping, then we need to supply a simple cardboard box suitable for safely packing your products. We charge back the price of this box.

Shipment fee
Shipment fees are related to the physical delivery of an order to a customer by a transport company such as a courier or the postal service.

The actual shipping fee charged to deliver the shipment is passed directly onto you, and of course every delivery will have a different fee.

To view the shipping fees in different countries, click here: pricing details.

Fast shipment guaranteed

Fast shipment

No minimum storage space

No minimum
storage space

Pay for only the space you use

Pay for only the space you use

No lock in contract, no fixed fees

No lock in contract,
no fixed fees

available storage space at your reach

Use our storage spaces around the world as your local or regional distribution center, so that you can be closer to your customers.

We pick, pack and dispatch your products within the UK, Estonia, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia,Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

our mission

Be global - Stay local

eCommerce platforms make it possible to sell on a global scale, but they do not solve the problem of shipping products fast and at a low cost. That is why we created the Warehouse.Space patform.

Thanks to Warehouse.Space you are now able to send your products to our warehouses in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania, so that you can stay close to your customers. Once the orders are placed at your online store, our software will know about it and will pick, pack and ship it to your customer.

Heath Dillon, Founder of Warehouse.Space

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